Put Some GOOD In Your Wallet

Once you have some GOOD you can attach them to your wallet by following the instructions below.

(Or, if you're just looking for an easy way to see your balance just register for a free account at Coinbooks then 1) enter your address ID in the 'Accounts' section, and; 2) enter the contract ID on the right side of this page in the 'Token' section.)

Already Know How To 'Follow' Contracts From Your Wallet? Just Add The Following Contract ID:


Decimals: 6


Download the Wallet

  • Download the Ethereum wallet (made by Parity) here and install in on your personal computer (i.e, not a public computer).

Start up the Wallet

  • Once you've finished installing it, start it up. It will open in your browser window. Depending on your computer, it could take anywhere from a few seconds to 30 seconds to start up.
  • Set up an account as instructed.
  • As soon as you begin Parity it will begin to download the Ethereum blockchain (the distributed public ledger). This means that you won't see any recent transactions until it says "best block" on the lower right and this number is the same, or one away from, the number on the upper left of this page. Before then, it may read "x,xxx,xxx / x,xxx,xxx"). It may take a few hours to synchronize when you open it up the first time.

See a 7-minute video explaining some of the process


Make Good Karma Coin Visible to Your Wallet

  • Click on Contracts then Watch.
  • Then, click on Token type.
  • Click the Next button.
  • The first field is Network Address. Copy and paste the following code into the box to search for Good Karma: 
  • In the next box type Good Karma 
  • Note: If you're using another wallet and you're asked for the number of decimals, input "6"
  • Go to the next field. (But there's no need to put anything. It just makes the Add Contract button visible on the bottom right. Click on that. 

Send Your Good Karma to Your Wallet Address

  • Click on Accounts then copy your wallet ID
  • You can then paste your wallet ID into the 'receiver' field when you're withdrawing your Good Karma from an exchange. This will send your coins to your wallet. Receiving coins into your wallet should take less than 30 seconds, though may sometimes take longer depending on network traffic.
  • That's it! You're done. (To send coins from your wallet in future, just click on the Good Karma contract and then click Execute to open up the send function of the contract and follow the instructions. Feel free to test it first by sending a few coins.)

Check Your Balance

It is important to note that no coins are actually stored inside of your wallet. Your coins exist on the public, distributed ledger to make it very secure. Your wallet only provides you with permissions to modify your part of the ledger (and send coins to somewhere else, for example).

To check your balance, click here​ to view the Good Karma contract and enter your wallet address in the box for #5, then click the Query button. Your balance will then display.

How to Keep Your Wallet Secure

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